Rose Creek Expedition 08

First in the Expedition Database:


This page to be dedicated to our Rose 

Creek Expedition 2008.


  The forward for this page is by our most Famous and Dedicated couple

 Susan Farnsworth & Desert Rat.  They also have brought us the majority of 

the info for this expedition and re-con trip.  Thanks Guys.


Of course everything here is used with Susan's & Dr's permission also.

  Some parts of the story maybe changed or left out for obvious reasons well 

this investigation is on going.  Yes we're going back June 21st, email DR to attend.  This one is by invitation only and the exact 

location will only be told to the participants at the very last minute before 

pullout.  This is an area somewhere in Rose Creek and Workman's Creek 

range.  Beautiful country, but very dangerous too, we've been informed of 

reports of sightings of a Black Panther in the area.  We also found prints 

which I would say confirm those reports.  Forest Ranger Dave Klingbach's 

gave us the reports of sightings of the Jaguar.  We meet with him twice 

during our last expedition and we hope to do so again.  Thanks Ranger Dave, 

keep up the good work and be safe! 


It Started with two reports on the

Arizonagonewild Forum By Susan:

Report #1: Hunters Attacked


Report #2: Campers Scarred into Hiding.


This lead to my first drive by to locate the 

CG and then a day trip by AP and Myself.


During this time Desert Rat and Susan were 

making many overnight re-con trips up 

there and getting additional reports.  DR 

had a report from a lone camper who 

looked scarred and glad to see him of a 

large animal coming down to the Rose 

Creek at night...


Here's their own words what happened to

them on Memorial Day 2008:


Memorial Weekend, 2008 by Susan Farnsworth and Desert Rat


We decided to check out a well and spring that is about ¼ mile above Workman Falls.  We worked the area looking for tracks and any sign of the Mogollon Monster.  It was only going to be a quick over-nighter, and we were going to return on Memorial day. 


As usual, we saw nothing around the spring or well.  Of course, and elephant could have walked through that area and not be noticed because of all the pine needles on the ground from the very dense growth.  The day was winding down and we decided to find a campsite in a small clearing.  We were not sure of the fire restrictions, so we decided not to start a fire.  Especially, since we were very near the Aztec look out tower.  It was getting late and we didn’t want to look for wood in the dark.


I got busy with dinner on the propane stove, while DR set up the dome tent and air matrices.  It was a large 6 man tent with the flexible rods running up over the top to create the dome.  The rain fly was installed over the top when the dome art was up and the tent was staked out.  All-in-all, a pretty stable tent.


After the meal and cleanup of dinner, we decided to turn in early.  I decided to for-go the usually ritual of placing my motion detectors, game camera, and voice activated taper recorder on the edge of  camp.  In fact, I left them locked in the truck along with my hand-held camera. But, I was tired and figured it was safe because we had combed the area pretty well during the day.  Nothing was out there.  ( DOH--a real not so smart thing to do.  I’m suppose to be the expert  (definition of an expert:  A drip under pressure)).


About 2:30am I awoke to a very foul stench.  It smelled like decomposing fish.  It was very strong and was turning my stomach.  I was laying on my back facing up when I opened my eyes.   Instantly, I noticed the tent side was about two inches from my nose.  I was terrified.  Something was actually pushing my side of the tent down on top of me. 


I slid my hand out of the bedroll and located my pistol while quietly calling DR to wake up. Suddenly, the tent flipped back up into the dome position.  If course, I screamed my lungs out, and rolled to the center of the tent. 


I never saw a man move so fast as DR did.  He was out of the bed and had pistol in hand almost before I reached the center of the tent.  He started making very angry noises and hitting the sides of the tent with his pillow.  I calmed down enough to turn on an electric lantern, and threw it outside.  This allowed us to see under the rain fly a short distance outside, but hopefully nothing outside could see our shadows from the inside.   Nothing was near the tent.  I must admit, if anything would have touched the tent at that point, we would have blasted it, and the tent would have had a new door!


We waited for a few moments (which seemed like an eternity to me), then DR slipped out side.  He picked up the lantern and did a quick walk around.  Me?  I headed straight for the truck.  Once inside, I started the engine and turned on the lights.  I was ready to hit the gas if anything was spotted, all the while having the door open for DR to jump in. 


We decided to go to Roosevelt and come back in the daylight to get our tent and stuff.  We found no foot prints, but there were some places where the pine needles had been pushed back on my side of the tent. 


I still quake in my boots whenever I think about it.  However, I do kick my self for not setting my motion detectors, game cameras, and recorder.  And, if we would have seen the creature, I would not have taken any pictures.  That was the last thing on my mind.  I would have been too busy beating a hasty retreat!  I also know that I sound just about like the woman in the horror film when they get surprised by the monster. 


I wonder why my side?  Was it curious?   Or Hungry?


This prompted an expedition on the following weekend.  It consisted of Mitch, Locke, Preston, and Kyle.  Their story is as follows: