New Relationship

New Relationship -Richard Stubstad - Science Alive - Richard has allowed us to list him on our page as Friend to The AZCRO - Richard will be examining our findings from past and future and included in all our success.  He has already funded part of the most important piece data that we have.  We are honored to be able to consult with him on our findings.  We hope that he will come to think of our findings as his also.  You know I will be picking Richard's brain every chance I get~~~Hey it's what I do!  Thank You for this opportunity, Richard, and please get well soon!
Richard Stubstad © Science Alive LLC 
Richard Stubstad © Science Alive LLC 
Larry Jenkins Discovered Toenail
 of Bigfoot!
The AZCRO TOENAIL Investigation
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2009 - Present
Larry Jenkins Discovered Toenail of Bigfoot!
With Rock Drawings found nearby - Drawings found By Larry and myself.
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TOENAIL Investigation 2009
Actual Investigation 2009 - Present
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