Hunters Attacked
Report #1


Susan Farnsworth Reporting:

Date November 3rd 2007

Location: Workman's Creek Rd above the falls


The place of the incident is in the thick forest above Workman's Creek Falls and Aztec peak.  On the third of November four deer hunters decided to hunt this area after finding no “antlered deer” in the lower areas along the Young Highway.  They decided the bucks must have headed for the high country and thick brush.

Two of the hunters were to hunt the high ground watching for anything the other two could flush out hunting the lower brush and thickets.  The two high ground hunters picked vantage points where both sides of the small valley could be covered.  If a deer was flushed, one of them would get a shot.

The two lower hunters, spread out about 100 yards from each other and entered the thickets.   One of the hunters had not gone too far when he heard something moving through the brush, but he could not see what it was.  Quietly, he notified the others via walkie talkie there was some movement in the brush a head of him.

As he got closer, the movement ceased and there was  no more sounds other than the wind blowing through the multi-colored leaves of the aspen trees.  Suddenly he spotted movement.  It was too dark to be a deer, but he figured it might be a bear.  He wanted to check it out a little closer.  The movement was in a very tight stand of small pine trees, and as he approached, what ever it was retreated. 

Finally, he got close enough to see through the thick pine needles a pair of eyes looking back at him.  The eyes almost looked human, and looked as if they belonged to an animal about the size of a teenage human.  The eyes looked terrified.

Intrigued, he very slowly moved closer with his gun at the ready.  That is when he heard the crack of a breaking stick behind him.  All went black. 

The second thicket hunter had been moving closer to the first hoping to get a shot at a deer, but being very careful to verify everything before shooting.  He was close enough to hear the same stick breaking on the ground and then the thud of something hitting the ground.  As he stepped around the tree, he saw his partner laying on the ground face down.    He moved in quickly fearing his partner had been shot.  As he did so, he could hear something massive moving through the bushes away from him.  He immediately radioed the other two hunters stating the first was laying on the ground, and what ever did it was headed their way.

As the second hunter rolled the first over, the first gained conciousness.  He had been knocked cold.  His rifle was missing.  He staggered to his feet and shook off the fog in his head.  He had been bushwacked.  A few moments later the report of two rifles sounded.  The slapping report told the story that both bullets had missed the target.  Suddenly, the radio sounded. 

“You guys alright?”  The two in the thicket answered affirmative.  “We just saw two men come out of the ticket on a dead run.  They were moving very fast.  Faster than I have ever seen.  We decided to let them know someone they had been spotted so we fired some warning shots.  They disappeared over the ridge in nothing flat!  They cleared trees, rocks and boulders like they were nothing.”

“They got my rifle!” The first stated. 

“I don’t think so.” the first replied.  “Neither of them were carrying guns  The big one was breaking the trail for the smaller through the brush.  The big guy was a giant.  He parted those bushes like a knife goin’ through butter. 

“I never seen anything like it the other hunter added.  I had them all scoped in.  They were all decked out in black fur head to toe.  No clothes.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was the mogollon monster and one of his kids!”

There was silence as they comtemplated the statement.   Then they started to put it together.

“Then where’s my gun?”  The first one mumbled. 

“Is that it?”  The second hunter pointed it out hanging about ten feet up on a ponderosa tree limb. 

They decided to evacuate the area.  I don’t believe any of them will go back to that area again.  They were very reluctant to talk about the incident, but almost happy when the story was over.  I asked if they would report the incident to an official agency or organization.  The answer was an emphatic NO!  They didn’t want to be classified as nut cases.   They told me I could retell the story, but names and any identifying references had to be left out.

End of Report.

Follow Up:

I went up to the area in question and had a look around.  Believe me I stayed out of the dense brush and thickets.  I never realized that part of Arizona was such a beautiful place and so thick with ponderosas and apen trees.  The colors were fantastic.  I incuded a picture of one of the trees.

One thing I did notice, and may have nothing to do with anything; but the area has many uranium mines.  There is one just before you get to the falls.  It is all boarded up and there is a sign on it with the radiation symbol on it.  Of course, it warns people to stay out due to the radiation hazard. 

Once up on top, I was amazed at the beauty of the area.  It was high dense forest like you would see in oregon or around big lake, az.  I heard nothing but the wind in the trees and my own heavy breathing.

There was some things about the story I found interesting.  They made no mention as to any mamary glands, but maybe it was just assumed to be male due to the size.  Second thing was, the guy that got knocked out was lucky to be alive.  I suppose the was thumped on the head by the adult.  He's lucky he wasn't disassembled and put in various parts of the trees.  Perhaps, that was due to the second hunter being in close proximity.   

One question is how did it manage to be totally un noticed by the hunter as he stocked the younger mogollon monster.  Was it laying low in the bushes, or was it in a tree and pounced upon the hunter.  Something that big being that stelthey is spooky.  Was it a protective attack, or was it an ambush?

There was no mention of any smell.  This makes me believe the smell is a controllable gland that us used to mark territories or ward off competition. 

I looked the area over, and it amazes me how difficult it was for me to get around in the bushes and over the fallen trees etc.  It took me several minutes to work my way over the ridge which drops down into another small thickly grown valley.  Yet the two mogollon monsters covered the same area in the time it takes to get off two shots. 

This place is a perfect habitat.  Cliffs to offer shelter and seclusion, and lots of game.  I saw turkey, two does, a racoon, and a skunk going into the falls.  There is plenty of water. 

I pulled out my maps and looked over the overall lay of the land.  I found that as the crow flies, this area is not too far from the White River area where the police had the confrontation on the reservation.

End to Follow up.