The AZCRO has moved "Officially" into the Paranormal Field.

We will be making many forays into the Paranormal and Crypto world.
  1. TV and Radio Shows
  2. Tours, Outings and Events
  • We have been and will be doing Sky Watches in the East Valley.  (Various locations)
  • We have filmed in the historic towns of Bisbee, Globe, and Tombstone with more to come. 
  • We have conducted and will continue to do ghost investigations and tours in the historic towns of the South West.  (Bisbee, AZ. Globe, AZ, Jerome, AZ. ETC.)
Major Events to be planned for 2012.

Coming Events & On going Events 
(This is just some of what we are doing)

  • The Crypto Zoo - Radio show - on Live Paranormal's History FM Network. With Your Host's myself, Alex Hearn & Big Tex, Jeff Stewart.  At The Zoo We talk anything from Cryptozoology to Zoology, and we might stop some where in between on occasions.  So stop in The Zoo and feed the Animals~~~Mainly Jeff and I! 
  • The Toenail Investigation - Seligman, AZ
    With Larry Jenkins - Data and Samples submitted to the 
    Melba Ketchum Bigfoot Genome Study
  • The Hot Zone  - Sierra Anchas Mountains, AZ
  • The Arizona Waves Investigation - Lake Pleasant, AZ
  • New England & N.E. States Big Cat Discovery Project
  • International Western States Big Cat Project and Study 
    (Official Name - TBD)

Completed Events

  • Tour of Arizona Mogollon Rim- With Dr John Bindernagel, BC, CA.& Victor Orepeza.
  • Animal Planet / Finding Bigfoot -
    Town Hall Meeting, in Payson, AZ.
  • Bisbee Inn Weekend of Nov 4th-6th @ the Bisbee Inn.  
Bisbee Inn Weekend

That's me in the Middle.  The guests that spoke at the event were arraigned with help from me as it should be obvious I'm the only one in the event that actually works with these people.
Click the photo to go to the Bisbee Inn reservation system and rent a room!  This even was a joint venture with those listed on the photo.  Dave fell I'll and couldn't make the event.  He is however doing much better now!
Best Wishes Dave.   
BTW - I would like to give a special thank you to Wally and Todd from the 
Las Vegas Paranormal Authority 
for filling in as guest Speakers and Investigators at the Bisbee Weekend above.  Also would like to thank Mitchell Waite from
For doing the same.  

If you would like to take part in any of the above events and activities, contact us through the WWW.AZCRO.NET website 
or Email Info@AZCRO.ORG 

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This is what we are after in the Big Cat Project.

Above: Some recent Arizona Photos.  The Big Cat was hit by a vehicle north of Williams, AZ.  Weight was estimated at 250Lbs, the cat actually topped out at 220 when it was finally weighed!  That's still 100lbs larger then most Mountain Lions.  What else is out there? For one, another one of these Big Cats!  This one was sighted numerous times with another just as big!