Campers Scarred


Susan Farnsworth Reporting:

Date was 28 March.

Location: Rose Creek Campground. 

A couple had set up camp in the third campsite.  There was one other camp already established in the first camp site slot.  All were in tents. About 10pm the couple decided to use the outhouse which was located up the hill and well hidden in the trees.  (a spooky condition to begin with).  The couple took a lantern with them to light the way.  There was no lighting in the outhouse so the arrangement was for one to stay outside with the lantern and the other to go inside to use the facilities.  The lantern would light up the inside of the latrine through ventilation holes and cracks in the walls and doors. 

The first person had finished their business and the second went inside and shut the door.  A few monuments later there was a large crash, much like a tree being broke into two pieces.  The sound came from up hill of the outhouse.  It scared both people so much that the second joined the first in the out house and they locked the door.  The commotion continued and it sounded like some kind of a fight.  The reported low level growls and followed by screams that sent the hair up the back of their necks.  Limbs were being broken and on several occasions, rocks, logs hit the outhouse. 

The fight was short lived, and it became very quiet.  Neither of the two in the outhouse was brave enough to open the door.  Instead, they sat down on the floor with their legs pushing against the door to help support the latch lock.

In the quiet, they could her foot steps coming down the hill.  The steps passed the outhouse, and the couple could hear some "huffs" as it passed by. 

The couple sent the night in the outhouse, and didn't come out until it was day break.  The noticed the other camp was already packed up and gone.  They did the same.  Their comments were, "They were not coming back to that place ever again."

End of Report.